A Visual Exploration of Fair Evaluation for Machine Learning

A Visual Exploration of Fair Evaluation for Machine Learning

Bridging the Gap Between Research and the Real World

A common complaint from industry over the years has been that models selected based on their success in existing datasets do not do well when deployed in real world applications. Questions which have remained unexplored over the years are: Are our leaderboards doing fair evaluation? Can we revamp our leaderboards in a way that can help industries select a ‘better’ model according to their requirements? In order to assist users in selecting the model best suited for their applications, we present an interactive tool that: (i) illustrates a task-agnostic method for probing leaderboards to find out whether a model is dominating leaderboards just by solving `easy’ questions, (ii) explains three new metrics proposed to customize leaderboard evaluation based on the application area of the end user, (iii) educates user about the design of weights in these metrics by visualizing change in model ranking based on customization.


Download repo and launch a local http server in terminal.

python -m http.server 8000

Open a web browser (Firefox is recommended), and in the search bar, navigate to:

localhost:8000/<path to your saved location>